About Us

Three Musicians.... Lenny, Mike and Peter
One Desire..... To captivate and hold an audience with a unique resonant sound, decent harmonies, a good attitude, and a pocket full of jokes.

The Players History:

Lenny Stachura - Lenny started his stage career as a bass player / vocalist in the year 2000 with his first ever Classic Rock band "Foil Tower", shared by none other than drummer John Southworth, guitarist Ralph Borowski (who talked Lenny into playing Bass in this, his first ever $ band), and guitarist Joe Deopalo.   A self taught bass player / vocalist who still considers himself just a late-bloomer and a "Hell-Fire hack with an attitude", Lenny brings a captive, energetic presence to the stage every time he plugs in. Lenny also played with ever-comical drummer-friend Eric Taylor in another trio, "Frayed Knot", then did numerous bass fill-ins with bands including, "Innocent Bystander", "The Derek Mediak Band", "Sugar Spoon", "Whiplash", "Something Scarlet", "Vantage Point", and co-formed the local popular Classic Rock group "Lickitty-Split" in 2004 with drummer Roger Mosceller, guitarist Danny Tomaka, then later guitarist Joe Galligan.  In April, 2011, Lenny had a desire for something a little different, and formed a brand new band "Crave".   Keeping the energy high and the harmonies strong, this band has been just recently refined with the new lineup of Mike Kasprzyk and Pete Krzyzanowski.  "Stay tuned, this thing is going to only get better"!   As Lenny always says ............. "Come Out & Play!"

Mike Kasprzyk -  Mike began his musical adventure back in 1992 with a country band "Whiskey River".  Along with female vocalist Kimberly Ann, Mike brought along his hidden vocal talents to ride high on the local country music scene.  Shortly after, Mike suffered an unfortunate near death car accident which needless to say put his life on hold.  After months of strenuous but successful healing, Mike was ready to return to the music passion he enjoyed so much.  Country music seemed to fit very well with Mike, so he joined up with the very successful band "West Of The Mark".  Mike was now "back in the saddle" again, so to speak.  He was now living his "dream band", playing decent shows as percussionist/vocalist, and opening for 30+ national country music acts in a 5 year "Heyday".  Mike even received a personal congratulations handshake from "John Rich", of "Big And Rich" for his great work and harmonies on an opening act!  Next up for Mike was a 4+ year ride with a Classic Rock Band, named "FOG" (Few Old Guys), who he formed with his bass-player buddy "Ken Nugent.  After some time, Ken unfortunately was lost to a fatal illness, ending another time at the music scene with long-time, good friend, Mike.  As life goes on, in February of 2016, Mike and another long-time friend and guitarist, Pete Krzyzanowski were searching for another music adventure, and stumbled across bass player/vocalist  Lenny Stachura who was also looking for the same. The three of them soon became a "Musical Trio of Craved Individuals".

Peter Krzyzanowski -

"CRAVE" Previous Band History:

The Beginning.... "Crave"  was born around April 29th, 2011, when founder and bass player Lenny Stachura combined forces with drummer John Southworth, and guitarist Mark Ritchie, on what would be an interesting collaboration of several years of stage music and entertainment experience from the Western New York music scene.

The Previous Players :

Lenny Stachura     2011- Current     Started "Crave" as his own band project with a vision of Hard-Edged Classic and Modern Rock Music with an attitude.

John Southworth  2011-2015   Played out the 4+ years with Lenny in "Foil Tower", then went on several other bands including "Nawty Dawg", and a venue change with the DJ business.  John  played percussion for the "Southtown Christian Center", and welcomed the opportunity to once again join up with Lenny in the Buffalo Music scene with "Crave".

Mark Ritchie             2011-2015   Can also be heard around the local music scene, taking on the solo guitar parts for the Classic Rock/ Alternative group, "Drunken Uncle".  He also puts his diversified writing skills to work in the original band, "The Corrections".  Mark's desire for excitement and adventure led him to cross paths with Lenny and John to form this new energetic phenomenon called "Crave".